DonnaLyn will be Keynoting on "Living a Luminous Life...How Resiliency Lights the Way" at the Holiday Inn of Tinton Falls Thursday, September 23, 2010 Attendees will learn tools to toughen their Resiliency in the face of adversity. Women's Expo includes breakfast, speakers program and lunch. $35/$40 (after September 17) Program starts at 9:30am. Register at CONTENTMENT AND RESILIENCY FOR WOMEN

art_bouncing_back_2001DonnaLyn's bounce back story of resiliency is featured in a new book by speaking colleague Zelda Greenberg: The Art of Bouncing Back: 101 True Stories on How to Bounce Back Smarter and Faster from Personal and Professional Set Backs.

"Larry King" interviews Mrs Red BankUS about Sarcoma awareness! at Monmouth Park for the Pat Corliss Day at the Races.


"Larry King" portrayed by Celebrity Performer and Host John Di Domenico and DonnaLyn before the makeup and interview.



Celebrity Performer and Host John Di Domenico as "Larry King", DonnaLyn and Paul Corliss

tom-dl-daveTom and DonnaLyn speak with Dave Dravecky, former SF Giants pro baseball pitcher, cancer survivor, inspirational Christian speaker at Ocean Grove's Great Auditorium July 25. They compared notes on their love of sports, speaking and cancer crusades to serve others.

DonnaLyn will be the Keynote Speaker on "Resiliency & Contentment" at the Holiday Inn, Tinton Falls, NJ Thursday Sept 23 Presented by Plan Ahead Events

On Sunday August 1stDonnaLyn and her husband Tom gave captivated speeches to children with cancer at the free kids with cancer camp, in Blairstown, New Jersey.
001p1.previewNew York City youths will be spending summer vacation with local host families through the Fresh Air Fund’s “Friendly Town Host Families” program. DonnaLyn Giegerich, a Red Bank host, greets youths as they arrive at Holmdel Park on July 14. Please visit The Hub for the complete story. 
Photo by JEFF GRANIT - The Hub
  • Guest speaker at the 6th Annual Pat Corliss OutFOX Sarcoma Day at the Races, Monmouth Park Friday August 6
  • DonnaLyn will be swimsuit modeling Saturday June 26 in Asbury Park at the Mary's Place By the Sea Annual Fundraiser as sassy survivor at their rock concert.
  • Modeling Sunday July 18 at the Mrs New Jersey Cancer Fashion Show in Bridgewater at the Marriott..

I just competed for a second year in a row and again was honored to win Queens court as a runner up for rare cancer awareness as a newcomer to pageantry.

A colleague reminded me that my daring adventure to ditch business deals for kitty heels in pageantry was in congruence with my mission to elevate the idea that "anything is possible". The bottomline is rare cancers like Leiomyosarcoma and lesser known blood cancers like Multiple Myeloma both got center stage at the Mrs New Jersey US Pageant at my business school alma mater, Monmouth University and so my mission was accomplished.

I've always felt I had no business being in pageantry since i'm 100% natural, sport an 18 inch surgical torso scar as a LMS survivor in a Mrs Red Bank bikini and never knew much about fake eyelashes until recently. But I have to confess... I've had great fun and have met a lot of fabulous women making meaningful contributions in their family and community lives. My friends kid me about being "bold and old" in pageantry and I guess its true since my sweet roommate and other runner up to the Queen is only 30... good God, I could be her mother! I'm just happy to be alive... enjoying every day and trying in some small way to help others recognize that "less fear, more fun" should be the order of the day...


Award_on_Behalf_of_GoogleDonnnLyn recently spoke at the National Kidney Registry Awards dinner in San Diego at the American Transplant Congress...she was honored to accept the Financial Development Award on behalf of Google after narrowly averting an originally planned 10 hour kidney autotransplant surgery for rare Leiomyosarcoma cancer. She praised her supersurgeons at NYPCornell and Columbia for their "daring dexterity" in helping her resume her "daring" life of adventures.


Leading in a Sea of Men and Fab Friends...

Please help elevate rare cancer awareness and celebrate what's possible for all folks with cancer challenges by joining us for fun to Cruise Bermuda May 2011. Details at


pagent-2-shotDonnaLyn Giegerich - Mrs Red Bank US 2010 - achieves winner circle a second year in a row to raise awareness for rare cancers in the Mrs New JerseyUS pageant among bold, beautiful women.

Her platform elevates awareness for rare cancers like Leiomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer that affects 4 in 1 million adults each year. Sarcoma cancers as a class represent up to 20% of children diagnosed with cancer. Pediatric cancer gets less than 3% of NCI funding for all 12 types of kid cancers including sarcomas!