The best part of conference keynoting around the country is the travel. Some find it exhausting, but I find it exhilarating because it's always fueled with good people powering personal or professional change. Sure, we endure the same travel travails as many, but we always focus on that bigger picture of how our lives are enlarged by the people we meet and the experiences we seek. Our galpal trip to Lake Austin Spa for a wellness reframe after a busy year of business was the perfect elixir for all ten of us. And we were largely perfect strangers. How's that for a daring adventure? How the trip actually happened is even more interesting. Read on. Here are four ways that you can invite more daring adventures into your life. Bet your business and wellness world will benefit, as well!

1. Delight in meeting others. Ask open ended questions. Be curious about what interests someone. You might just find you have a few things in common or at the very least, you'll learn a few new facts or consider a different point of view. You many even begin to embark on a longer term relationship that will benefit both you and your business! I met Michele, a global spa reporter, at a family owned spa resort over five years ago. She was there as a writer. I was there as a workshop presenter on leadership resilience for some guests that were navigating life. Michele and I landed at the same breakfast table that weekend and have been friends and collaborating colleagues ever since.

2. Travel alone if you can. Michele and I are both travel enthusiasts. Whether we're writing or speaking(or both), we delight in new venues, enjoy hidden gems and simply commit to the notion that a life well lived includes an occasional change in scenery(the more, the better!) Michele writes about travel, spas, wellness and foodie themes. I speak about leadership, wellness, resilience and professional presence. We both love people, yoga, hiking, biking and outdoor adventures. If we were traveling with our families, we would have missed an opportunity to forge a deeper professional relationship that's paid big dividends for us both. I suspect Michele invited us to join her lady leader summit in Austin because she knew we had so much in common. We love meeting new people, we're "other" oriented and we're highly experiential learners that take calculated risks. We also share decades of experience as insurance professionals..Serendipitous?

3. Share often and meaningfully. I only talk to Michele once or twice a year. But we remember one another when we have an interesting travel, business or wellness tip to share. We leverage our social media channels to stay in touch, connect each other to aligned interests and encourage new contacts. By the time we arrived in Austin, I had met her PhD pal from Syracuse, a hand full of change makers in industry and a proud mom of a slew of emerging athletes. Michele, in turn, got to meet my family member that was a mover and shaker in Texas real estate with connections to one of the best rum punch restaurants in Austin. We were all very happy!

4. Learn the skill of networking. Had we not been experts in relationship building and goodwill, our group of ten would have never come to consensus on a Texas olive farm tour, a dualing pianos night club on 6th Street and a lively Sunday gospel brunch as a cohesive and engaged group. We found ways to bond, dropped off the small stuff and celebrated generosity to keep our summit sensational. As a result, we've all made new friends and look forward to meeting again. Find Michele McIntyre busy writing at or on Twitter @cnyspagirl for her next travel adventure. I'm crafting my next conference keynote in Saratoga Springs thanks to a ladyleader I met at the Lake Austin Spa at the culmination of our terrific trip. Drop us a line if these tips help enlarge your leadership life!

DonnaLyn Giegerich MBA CIC RYT is an integrated business/wellness motivational keynoter, corporate consultant and coach that helps leaders succeed. She's presented for global brands including Campbell's, Novo Nordisk, Daiichi Sankyo and Balfour Beatty Investments. Learn more at, or @DonnaLynSpeaks on FB and Twitter. She travel teaches yoga for stressed execs in the caribbean and @YogaOnTheLakeSummerSeries on FB in her spare time.